Ancient Jharokha decor with Island Rangoli

Since ancient times, India has been known for its mesmerizing  art and culture, drawing compliments from all over the world to see these amazing creations. One of them is Jharokha 

Jharokha's are commonly found in Rajput style of architecture which can be still found in towns of Rajasthan ,Gujrat & Madhya Pradesh. Jharokha's continue to tempt interior designs with their timeless appeal , one of the most famous building with Jharokha is Hawa Mahal which was built in 1799  in Jaipur, India.

Island Rangoli proudly introduces its vintage DEEP DWAR  Jharokha boxes to IR’s festive collection. They showcase motifs like peacock, cow & queen. These exquisite boxes which are inspired by vintage artistry can be effortlessly affixed to your walls They are designed to fit seamlessly into any interior style, whether it be contemporary, bohemian, or traditional. The compact size also makes them ideal for displaying cherished trinkets, or other small treasures

Jharokha boxes which is  inspired by vintage artistry, can be effortlessly affixed to your walls The term "Jharokha" itself refers to a small enclosed balcony, often found in traditional Indian architecture. Jharokha boxes are adorned with elaborate motifs and patterns that symbolize prosperity, love, and spirituality Jharokha boxes hold deeper symbolism for many cultures ,they offer a artistic look for your home décor,

deep dwar island rangoli

Today though their elaborateness may have ceased till date, many use the same concept within their homes to revamp the decor to a royal traditional theme. Wall art in the form of elaborately made Jharokha wall hangings. A very charming and ethnic handicraft to Embellish your home or office space. The golden art work watch it reflect in all directions adding to the amazing effect that gives perfect addition to your home decor.


    Deep dwar Jharokha Box Kit handmade For wall decor

    There are 2 kits of Island Rangoli Deep Dwar Jharokha Box;

    a) Pack of 6 kit contains : 6 paper templates, 6 LED diyas and glue gum pack.

    b) Pack of 12 kit contains : 12 paper templates, 12 LED diyas and glue gum pack

    process of making Deep Dwar - Jharokha box Art for wall decor

    Steps of usage instruction

     *Take out plastic bead size(given in the kit) reusable gum from the pack

     *Apply the gum behind the boxes ;you can also use a small amount on all four corners for a stronger and more secure attachment to the wall

     *Place the lit diya inside the box

     *Your decorative piece is now ready to illuminate your space

    With its intricate carving, delicate motifs, and attention to detail, the modern Jharokha box adds a touch of regal charm to any space. Whether displayed on a dressing table, or shelf, it serves as a stunning decorative piece that showcases your personal style and love for tradition.




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