Mukund Design Island Rangoli Template
Mukund Design Island Ragoli Template
mukund design filling shot
mukund design template
Mukund Template Rangoli Dimensions
Features of Island Rangoli Template
Island Rangoli Filling variations
Crochet Series Box
Crochet Mukund series filling shot
Mukund Design Ambience
Mukund Floating Rangoli
Island Rangoli box
Mukund 22 inch dimensions
Rangoli template
Features of 22 inch Rangoli
Mukund 22 inch Filled shots
Mukund 22 inch Filled Sots
46 inch Crochet Series
Features Of Island Rangoli 46inch
Crochet Series Border
Island Rangoli filled with colors ,Pulses ,Flowers ,Spices
Mukund Crochet Series Box
Mukund Rangoli borders
Mukund 46 inch Dimensions
Mukund 46 inch Crochet ,  Island Rangoli

Mukund Design -Island Rangoli Template

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With the essence of the ultimate protector and treasured gem, Lord Vishnu, this beautiful rangoli represents consistent positivity. Just like Lord Vishnu, this unique creation brings beauty and serves as a guardian during challenging times, providing protection and helping align your chakras. It is inspired by the Kolam tradition, known for bringing charm and positivity into households. Let this unique rangoli protect you through hard times and shine its light around you when you need some motivation.
 This design radiates divine blessings, creating a deep sense of serenity.

Inspiration behind Island Rangoli Designs - Collection 2023 

Island Rangoli's artistic Collection 2023 Easy Rangoli Template style which is inspired by CROCHET ART. Just as knitting weaves threads into intricate patterns crochet creates stunning loops, this collection embodies the essence of both crafts to bring you a symphony of colors, patterns, and creativity.
All three designs in this series encapsulate the essence of crochet, where every gap in between the design dances in harmony with the IR template.



* Portable: The template allows everyone to fill Rangoli in their comfort space and then display it wherever you choose

* Lightweight & Easy to clean: Island Rangoli can be placed anywhere and on any surface like wooden floor, carpeted floor, water, walls and garden. It can be washed easily OR you can dry dust Using Spade spoon` and brush to remove previous fillings and make it ready for next use and Storage.

* Easy to make: Island Rangolis allows you in making a hassle and mess-free rangoli. Make it wherever and whenever you want in your comfort zone, without having to flesh out countless hours.

* Placements: Place the template at the desired space of your home/office such floor, garden, table top, stairs etc.

* Decorate with your Preferential ingredients like Colors, Pulses, Flowers, acrylic colors or Spices .

* Floatable: Island Rangoli is first kind of rangoli in the world that can be floated on water which eventually enhances the beautification of this art. Adorn your space with this rangoli and seek compliments from your loved ones.

We have some easy home-decor tips for you!
We hope you fall in love with our hassle free templates that can be placed without leaving any stains on the floors. Here are some handy tips for you, that will change your home decor game for good

* Can be used as Centre Piece on Tables
* Base for Aromatic Candles or Diffusers
* Pads for Deity centre Placement in office or at Homes
Welcome rangoli at entrance
* Can be floated in an Urli Bowl at home or even in a swimming pool.

Mukund design is available in 3 Sizes - 16 inches, 22 inches & 34 inches which can be extended to 46 inches.

Pick size as per requirement of your space.

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