Available Sizes

Island Rangoli templates are not only cost-effective, they can be placed or fixed anywhere in the House or Office. From Stairs to gardens, from home balconies to commercial building floors of hospitality industries, from national events to state wise cultural programs, from commercial to private events. Here are some handy tips for you, that will change your home decor game for good –

  • 11 inches (Set of 2) 11 inches (Set of 5) ; 16 inches; 22 inches & 34 inches
  • 11 inches set of 2 can be used as centre piece on tables whereas set of 5 of this can be used as big arrangement in an aisle
  • 16 inches as Base for aromatic candles or diffusers or pads for deity centre placement in office or at homes
  • 22 inches can be flexibly divided into two semi-circular shaped parts
    hence can be used as welcome rangoli at your entrance.
  • 34 inches can also be divided into four parts and can be placed at 4 different corners of your house.