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Island Rangoli is a collection of Rangoli mats, each one woven with a sense of beauty and a purpose to transmit positive energy. A versatile collection of rangoli mats inspired by distinct cultures of our country, our templates reflect the luxurious nature of the crafts of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu’s religious heritage, Bihar’s tribal culture, a glimpse of architects and artisan’s talents flowing through Chhattisgarh and many more.

Rangoli is an art form markedly known for its cultural and historic significance in India, it stands for the revelation of beauty and the acquisition of auspiciousness. Therefore, Island Rangoli’s motive is to sustain the country’s ancient tradition that amps up the beauty of your sacred space called home India is the country where classical melodies merge seamlessly with a mesmerising mosaic of magnificent art. The idea behind Island Rangoli is to contribute to reincarnating this magnificent artistic culture of our land.

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This traditionally enriched art is much like life itself, the drill is to connect the right dots to make it bloom!

Rangoli is a representation of happiness, positivity and liveliness and the rangoli designs are spiritually bound to induce positive vibrations called Cymatics. The word rangoli is a derivation of the Sanskrit word ‘rangavalli’ and denotes an expression of art by the means of colours.

This art form depicts spiritual perspective in the form of distribution of colour therefore said to be a harbinger of goodluck. .

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In this era, life can be busy and challenging and recent times call for a worked up schedule

Now, “Life” is to make the best of what you got! Island Rangoli is a creation that helps you overcome limitations such as less manpower for skilled artwork, lack of time, and working lifestyle. These templates possess easy-to-use characteristics and minimum human participation. They effortlessly beautify your home while their purpose is to uplift the energy of your living space.

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