Kolam and its Importance

kolam motif , Island Rangoli 

There is something very special about kolam that brings people together and makes the festival a joyous celebration of love, happiness, and faith

Kolam is a traditional form of art in South India, particularly in Tamil Nadu and other states like Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is a decorative and ritualistic art form where geometric patterns are created. Traditionally, kolams were created by hand using rice flour or chalk, and they are believed to bring prosperity and good luck. However, with Island Rangoli's ready-made kolams design templates, the art form has become more accessible to people with varying levels of artistic skill. Island rangoli’s Ready-made kolams offer a convenient way to add charm , cultural flair  and tradition to your home without the time and effort required to create intricate designs from scratch

Kolam Motif , Island Rangoli

Here are some aspects highlighting the importance of Kolam:

Cultural Tradition: Kolam has a rich cultural significance and is deeply rooted in the traditions of South India. It is considered a cultural practice that has been passed down through generations, connecting people to their heritage.

Religious Significance: Kolam is often associated with religious practices. It is a common sight in front of homes and temples, especially during festivals and special occasions.

 Symbolic Meaning: The patterns and designs in Kolam often carry symbolic meanings. They may represent various aspects of nature, religious symbols, or cultural motifs.

Social Bonding: Kolam is not just an individual practice; it is often a communal activity. Women in a neighborhood may come together to create Kolams, fostering a sense of community and social bonding.


With Island Rangoli  You can Experience the cultural richness with the Kolam Rangoli, a traditional design from Island Rangoli's Regional Rangoli Collection.

These are extremely lightweight making it durable and easy placing it anywhere. It can be placed from both sides  & diagonally as per one's wish to decor. It comes in white color to give a hint of the traditional Kolam.

The templates can be placed in any way or anywhere, from floors, to water to walls to add the oomph factor to your home during festivities or celebrations.

The island rangoli  templates can be adorned in your homes or offices and can be carried to places you travel to or be the perfect gift for your loved ones.

As we celebrate the festival of Pongal, let us embrace the tradition of Kolam Rangoli  as a reminder of our heritage and the values it represents.

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